Rapid innovation is the key to navigating the future for businesses seeking to grow and thrive. Innovative ideas and solutions are critical commodities that forward-minded corporate leaders cannot afford to go without into 2023 and beyond. This is the reason why SchizoTech may become your invaluable partner in an unprecedented new business adventure.

SchizoTech amalgamates research and technologies to design strategies for its partners to confront uncertainties and unprecedented events worldwide. We thrive on radical ideas for industries, working alongside some industry experts and prototyping new products and services design. Together we can achieve breakthroughs in the current business stalemate atmosphere and perhaps create unicorns within the minor fractions of a company. We can scale businesses to a new height and frontier through collaboration and cooperation.

The Core Trinity and the Statement that made Schizo Technologies "SchizoTech" Different

SchizoTech constantly evolves and innovates ourselves in sync with the progress of time and technologies

  • Core Value One

    Innovation is the Key to sustain and scale enterprise growth

  • Core Value Two

    Collaboration increases competency and competitiveness in the marketplace

  • Core Value Three

    Education is the foundation to the formulation of strategies to confront future uncertainties

  • Property Portfolio Management

    Managing 23 luxury investment properties collectively worth over thirty million dollars.

  • Design & Develop a SaaS Platform

    Designing and prototyping a complex digital platform for ManiFez.

  • People Management

    Providing HR consultation and performance coaching for non-profit organisations.

  • Social Media Brand Marketing

    Managing the social media content and growth for Government officials.

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